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Sing Karaoke Songs for Profit

Thursday, August 22nd 2013.
karaoke song

If you though singing karaoke music was just a fun pastime, think again. Increasingly, what was once considered pure entertainment offers an opportunity to make money through a variety of national and international competitions. In the United States, for instance, Talent Quest offers first prizes of ,000 each in categories including pop karaoke music, country karaoke music and duets. So what does it take to perform winning songs? First of all, karaoke contest judges say that you shouldn’t expect to win on the strength of your voice alone. While you may have fun singing Christmas karaoke with your family during holiday times, when you’re performing for a contest, judges also look for stage presence and audience response. Here are other tips from a long time karaoke contest judge:


Tip #1: Chose your song carefully and make sure you select something that suits your vocal ability. Remember, you want to send chills down judges’ spines and the only way you can do that is to pick a song that is uniquely suited to you.

Tip #2: Don’t pick an unfamiliar song. This automatically puts you at a disadvantage because the judges have a harder time figuring out if you have command of the song, with the proper range and control.



Tip #3: Don’t pick an overdone song either. If you do, it’s likely the judges have heard someone else sing it better.

Tip #4: Make sure you do a short song. Hit hard and run. A judge’s attention span is short.

Tip #5: Stay away from simple ballad type songs (such as “My Way”) because songs of this kind have no change in the melody and have no complicated parts to them. If you do a ballad, make sure it is on the complex side to showcase your vocal range.

Tip #6: Vary your performance throughout the song and change volume and intensity to hold the judges’attention.

Tip #7: Have some fun with the song and use props or costumes where possible. Judges like singers who enjoy what they are doing.

Tip #8: Move around while you perform. If you are lucky enough to get a wireless mic, use it to your advantage. It makes your performance more interesting.

Tip #9: If you have an opportunity to pick your position in the contest go for next to last. This way you’ll be fresh in the judges’ minds and you can also gage what you have to do to beat the other contestants.

Tip #10: Be gracious if you lose. The judges will remember you if you’re not.


Above all, when competing in a karaoke contest, you have to realize that you’re an artist and judging artists is a very subjective business. If you lose one contest, you may very well come back and win another. So whether you’re performing country karaoke music or hip hop karaoke, keep on keeping on.


There are a tremendous amount of karaoke songs to download off the Web, including everything from pop karaoke music to dance karaoke music and such favorites as Broadway, hip hop and country karaoke music. Whatever you’re in the mood to sing, sites like Ez-Tracks.com offer an unforgettable karaoke experience.

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