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Thursday, August 22nd 2013.
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So were over 30,000 (and counting) other people who are now enjoying all the benefits Singing Superstar has to offer….”

Singing Superstar is a fully fledged Karaoke system that harnesses the power of your PC. You can test your skills with real time golden notes, line bonus’ and popup’s as you sing along with your favorite song.

Don’t like playing solo? Have a sound off with up to six of your friends…

Never again be bugged by a limited song collection as you can easily create, use and manage your own collection of songs from your existing MP3’s, movies and more.Sing against up to 6 of your matesMulti Player CompaitibleDon’t Pay For Music You Already OwnConvert your current music CD’s, DVD’s and MP3’s into karaoke songs.Stop Paying Too Much For Karaoke SongsOur 100% legal music partnership lets you download over 2 million songs for as little as .09 eachEasy To UseBe singing like a star in a matter of minutes100% FREE UpdatesNever pay again.

Always receive the latest updates for FREE…Trusted and SecureAll payments are handled by our secure 3rd Party retailer – Clickbank. Over 10 years experience and 100% secureOver 30,000 Users Can’t Be WrongJoin the over 30,000 other happy users who never need to buy a Karaoke CD again, who always get 100% free updates, who are singing right now…Special Offer Now OnMake sure you secure your copy now while this special offer lasts..

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Do YOU Love to Sing?

Are you one of those people who love to sing along with your favorite tunes in the car? Or do you catch yourself humming a quick tune on your way to work or in the shower?

You have to admit that even if you don’t have a great singing voice, there’s just something about singing that makes you feel a little bit happierinside. Singing really does let you share your experiences, emotions, and dreams with the world.

By using the latest in technology, you can now turn your computer into a state of the art karaoke system and in minutes be singing along with your favorite artist or challenging your friends to a sound off….

Great for ALL Kinds of Parties!

SingingSuperstarWith up to 6 players, Singing Superstar is a great party starter and lets everyone cut lose for a little while and just have fun. There’s a Singing Superstar in all of us, we only need to unleash it.

It doesn’t matter what genre of music you subscribe to Singing Superstar will have you singing to country, pop, rhythm and blues, and even rap in no time at all.

“the Selection of Songs is Endless!”- reviewstream.com review by cokeandmenthos5starts”it’s great for all kinds of parties!”- ngemu.com review by MasterPhW5starts”This game is fun to play alone or not!”- reviewstream.com review by cokeandmenthos5starts”Even when we deliberately hide the microphones at parties, someone manages to find them and start singing.”T. Clark

Why Pay For a Song That You Already Own?

The right kind of karaoke songs can turn an “event” into a party and can even transform normal people into singing legends

Everyone has that one song that they think makes them sound like Celine Dion or Robbie Williams, so a big song selection is crucial.

Singing Superstar Lets YOU Sing Along to the Songs You Already Own on CD’s, DVD’s or Even MP3’s.

With the help of the in-built converter you can be singing like a superstar with almost any singer in the world.

You will NEVER have to purchase expensive karaoke CD’s again as Singing Superstar lets you easily convert and sing along with your current CD, DVD and mp3 collection.

Don’t Have Your Favorite Song Yet?

SingingSuperstarEven if you don’t have a massive music collection we can help you out. We haverecently secured a partnership with one of the cheapest 100% legal music suppliers in the industry.

All Singing-Superstar.com members can download 100% legal MP3’s of almost any song by any artist for only .09, or just over .00 per album.

With Over 100,000 different artists listed, more than 2,000,000 songs, and almost 200,000 albums you will always be able to find that perfect song. If after all this your favorite artists is still not there you can simply request it.

Easy to Set Up / Use

Singing Superstar is very easy to set up. All you need is a PC and microphone and about 5 minutes of your time. It is great for parties of all sizes, or secretly get better by competing against yourself.

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