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Karaoke 101: How to Pick the Right Player

Thursday, August 22nd 2013.
player karaoke

So, you are looking to get a karaoke machine for the family, but don’t know which kind to get. There are 2 types of Karaoke Players to choose from, both with their own good and bad points. Here is a brief description of each type of machine, outlining the good and the bad for each type:..Stand Alone Machines:.These systems are are basically self sufficient karaoke machines, with built in amp and speakers and sometimes even televisions. This is the most popular type as they are found in most mass retail stores. These units tend to be smaller in power and features (although some of the newer ones offer an I pod dock, or MP3 Hookups).

The Main benefit of these players is the ease of use and connectivity and portability. As I said earlier though, these machines don’t have a lot of power and will probably not be great for parties. Stand Alone Machines have been geared more and more towards children and have become more toy than karaoke player in recent years. With the right features however, these players can still be quite versatile as they usually come equipped with a set of audio outs in the back to easily hook into your home theatre or home stereo system. A couple of features that will have you singing like a pro, and saving a little dough (ok, there’s my cheesy rhyme for this article):


***Check or ask about the audio outputs to insure that the mics work with the audio.

***Look for a machine with a Digital Key Changer. They basically fix it so you never have to hit an embarrassing note again (unless you have a voice like Barry White and are trying to sing the Bee Gees, at that point there is no help for you, pick another song or stop complaining)

***Built in screens are cool, but not as important as a USB/SD Card Inputs, or at least an MP3 Hookup. You already have 3 TV’s, do you really need another tiny one?

There arePremium Stand Alone Karaoke Machines available, offering a lot of features and more power, but you definatley pay a premium price. Because these units have been designed for professional use, they usually offer way too many features for the average enthusiast to easily afford. The added weight and features usually ups the defective rate, so check the warranty and make sure its up to par.

Component Karaoke Player:

These players look like DVD machines with Mic inputs. A Karaoke Component player`s biggest advantage is that they will hook into any speaker and amp system with an RCA Input. This means you can customize your power to your needs, or use any system you already own. This means you can easily connect a component player to home stereos, boom boxes, computer speakers and of course home theatre systems (some players even come with HDMI connections). These karaoke machines may not come with power, but they offer other feature like USB/SD Card Inputs, Scoring, Recording and more. These units also ship better and usually run a lower defective rate than Stand Alone alternatives.
Advantages to Component Players:

***Make sure to find one with a USB/SD Card input so that you can hook in your: MP3 player, flash drive, external hard drive. (the world is turning digital, USB inputs allow your machine to stay relevant as technology moves forward).

***If your Home Theatre supports it, look for a machine that offers HDMI for even easier conectivity. One cable connection is way more convenient than three.

***An inexpensive component player with a set of computer speakers and a small television is way more versatile and cost effective than a stand alone karaoke machine nowadays.(add a small tv and you have a mini home entertainment system).

***If you are an enthusiast looking to upgrade, look at some of the component and speaker systems available, some of these systems offer way more features and sound (and mic mixers)for comparable prices to the premium stand alone units.

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