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7 Advantages of a Portable Karaoke Machine

Thursday, August 22nd 2013.
player karaoke

Are you thinking over your decision to buy a karaoke player? There are at least 7 good reasons to buy a portable karaoke player. Here are some of them…
1. Karaoke is a great party game.
Forget video games or board games…why not enjoy a night of crooning fun? You can set up a karaoke player to a TV set and sing along with the karaoke songs. It’s a great way to loosen up, vent, bust out and throw a killer party!
2. Karaoke machines are awesome babysitters.
There are kids karaoke machines out there for the same price of a new video game system. A kids karaoke machine is a wonderful distraction for a kid, and encourages more creativity and individual performance with a karaoke microphone than a video game system, which is all about mashing buttons.
3. Music Revolution Technology and Real Sound MP3 Sound Technology.
These players make use of Music Revolution Technology and Real Sound MP3 Sound Technology, where all songs are remastered to make it sound closer
to the original track. Experience singing with real instrument accompaniment ( Real
Sound), Songs with back-up singers and multiplex songs. The result is a different level of sound experience not heard in any portable Karaoke device.
4. Karaoke portable players make great practice for live events.
Are you an aspiring musician or singer? Do you dream of performing in front of audiences for real? You can get good practice using a karaoke portable player, as it offers lyric prompts, realistic sounds and even backup singers! With 2 professional Quality wireless microphones for superior voice clarity, natural sound, effortless singing withkeypad for searching and control.With user friendly remote control, you can search songs by Title, artist, lyrics or the old-fashioned way or by number.
5. Karaoke song chips expand your music collection, you can expand and expand and expand? You can buy more music by the way of karaoke song chips. A single chip addition can hold up to 300+ songs, additional 1 hour video background.
6.Because you love Singing
Stop dreaming…and get to singing! A karaoke player with 3D anime dance background and other video background options, multiplex songs, real sound songs, songs with back up singers.
7. Revolutionizing karaoke entertainment
You can even use your Karaoke as a media player, play movies, listen to MP3s, supports up to 32 Gigabytes SD cards or view your own pictures! You control your entertainment. With Built in user memory 500 megabytes load up to 1,400 of your own pictures that you can use as a background, or record up to 500 minutes of your own songs.

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